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Free Brain Games for Adults & Kids

Brain games are the best way to keep your brain in shape. Keeping your brain in shape is the best way to keep from having problems of dementia when you are older. If you can keep your synapses firing it reduces the lag in your brain as a whole and opens up a whole new experience for you. Take it from nuns. You have 90 year old women who experience little if any signs of dementia because they continually work on crosswords puzzles and other brain working games.

There are many different kinds of brain games you can play to increase your brain power. Brain teasers like solving a series of simple math equations can be effective. Also, finding missing numbers in a short time as possible. The memorization of digits and colors as well as the combination of the two can be effective brain stimulation. The remembering of numbers in reverse order is another way to train your brain.

These kinds of simple and fun math games can easily become addicting. Brain games make these mental exercises fun and competitive when you are challenging yourself against other users online. Not only do you feel the thrill of competition, you are reaping the benefits of the brain exercises. There are online leagues that reward their top players in various ways, but if you have no desire to compete against others you can still train your brain and compete against yourself.

You can download some brain games for play offline to keep your synapses firing. Your own personal records are sometimes more challenging to beat than someone else’s. There are many facets in which brain games can help you. Speedoku is a quickened version of the recently popular Sudoku puzzle game. This involves the entering of numbers in a block of 9 by 9 squares. Mnemonic brain games deal with the idea of memory and improving it. Arithmetic brain games push you to answer quick mental math problems. Each of these options is available to help you improve your brain age. The younger you score, the more plasticity your brain has and the better you should be able to learn.

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