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In the BrainSpeeder-Community you have the chance to contact other players per Chat. Only registrated players can take an active part in the Chat - please log in at My Brain.

If you want to see different typing techniques or more common videos just quarry in the video corner!

Search Player & Performance Graph
Where is Jack? With Search Player, you will find him. That's for sure!
And much better: Log in at My Brain, search for another player and click at him. Like this you can directly compare your Performance Graphs!


Naturally we appreciate positive feedback. Write us what you think about the game. And of course we can deal with constructive criticism - in that way we can constantly improve BrainSpeeder!

If you have any questions that are not intended for the whole world or if you want to tell us something, just use the Contact Form. Please don't get angry if we do not answer instantly, we are trying our best!
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