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To have a glance at the highscore lists, you have to choose a category in the navigation above. Here you can also reread which contests there are: 

League-Games: Arithmetic, Mnemonic, Speedoku
As in many other sports you can promote to the next higher league every week in BrainSpeeder, too.
Each "season" lasts exactly 1 week, that is to say from sunday 6 p.m. to the following sunday 6 p.m..

Everybody once registrated for free is allowed to enter the leagues.
First you have to prove your brain and finger skills in three easy Qualification Rounds with the  BrainSpeeder programme. Is it too easy?
Wait! The minute you solve the Qualification Rounds, it's really gonna start and you can match with the rest of the world in the Starter-League!

Here you can find contests that take place in addition to the League-Games. For example "Brain of the Day" - a day-to-day Championship with a random difficulty level. You do not need to register, just choose the according contest in your BrainSpeeder programme.

Do you want to prove your skills in one on one duels against other players? You are totally right here. Register yourself for free at My Brain as soon as a Cup is announced!

We wish you a lot of fun with all the games and don't forget -
just be quicker!

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