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Cool Math Games - Fun with Mathematical Games

Can Math Games Make You Smarter?

Why should you play our free cool math games?
Ask yourself these four questions, the answers may just surprise you.


Do you spend hours staring at the television day and night? Are you constantly wondering where you left your keys, wallet or purse? Have you ever wondered if it were possible to actually become smarter? Does the thought of developing Alzheimer's disease scare you? If you answered yes to any of the above questions then math games could be the answer you have been searching for.


Science has proven that we humans tend to slowly begin to lose our brain function and cognitive ability as early as the age of 30, and the older we get the worse the problem is. Math games can help us to not only retain our brain function but actually improve it to make us smarter.


If, like most of us, you spend a large percentage of your time gazing at mindless television programs or aimlessly surfing the net then you could actually be making yourself dumber then you were back when you were in school. You see the human brain acts pretty much like the other muscles in your body and benefits from constant stimulation. Math games can help to stimulate your brain.


Did you know that brain games and math games have been proven to increase your feelings of alertness and wellness, improve your cognitive memory so you can more easily recall things such as names, numbers and where you left your keys or glasses, improve concentration, elevate mood, and increase your overall thinking time?


It’s all true. Math games such as Sudoku, mnemonic games and just doing simple math problems in your head as fast as you can will exercise your mind and help to increase your cognitive functions. And besides that is actually a lot of fun!


On a more serious note, many of us worry about Alzheimer’s disease. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia where those who are stricken gradually lose their memories and ability to think and reason. Math games and other mental stimulation have been shown to reduce the risk of this dreaded disease and slow its process for those who have already contracted it.


Bottom line, our math games can help you to exercise that little used muscle in your head so that you can increase your cognitive abilities such as memory, reasoning skills and even elevate your mood all while having a lot of fun competing against friends, family and strangers to see who is smarter and faster and best of all they are free!


So join us today for the best totally free math games on the internet and compete against all comers to see who is the king of math games.


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