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Once you have downloaded the BrainSpeeder programme and you have installed it on your computer [Download], you can start it as follows:

A. Via "Start > Programmes > BrainSpeeder >  BrainSpeeder"

B. Via the BrainSpeeder symbol on your desktop (see right)

Goal: Solve the tasks as fast as you can!
Varieties: You can choose whether to play offline or online.

offline means, your results will be enlisted on your PC. You can choose between the following games:
Arithmetic (= BS Classic)
Mnemonic (= memory)
Speedoku (= modification of sudoku)
Afterward you have to choose a game modus and a difficulty level.

online means, you need a connection to the internet. You also have to register yourself once and for free by choosing an user name and a password [register]. 
Of course the online game is much more interesting because your results will immediately be compared to the other players' results in the official highscore lists. Like this you can match with the quickest brains on earth at any time.

Every time you want to play online, you have (after the successfull insertion of your user name and your password) to choose a contest. There are contests in the following categories:


You have the chance to wind your way up from week to week through the different leagues. One "season" last exactly one week, that is to say from one sunday 6 p.m. to the following sunday 6 p.m.. Beginners have to pass three relatively easy Qualification-Rounds by scoring a certain number of points.
As soon as you play in the Starter-League, you have to try to be quicker than your opponents. You have one week to boost your personal record. At the end of the season the best ones will be promoted to the next higher league. The ones being in the lower regiones of the highscore-list unfortunately have to scale down ...
Every game consists of 20 tasks and you may play as often as you want. Only your best result will appear in the highscore-list. And, of course, the tasks' difficulty increases in each higher league.

The "Brain of the Day" contest takes place every day from midnight to midnight. There are tasks of a random game modus. The difficulty level is equal for every player and changes every day. Brain of the Day can be played independently of the leagues and without any registration or qualification.

Cup contests are taking place at regular intervals. To take part you have to register at My Brain. Participants play one against another and the winners of each duel reach the next round. That continues until there are only two players left in the finale. Cups can be attended independently of the leagues but in some cases you may have to qualify.

That is the classic game of BrainSpeeder. Solve a certain amount of tasks as fast as you can!

This asks for your memory! A random series of numbers gets displayed for a short time. These figures have to be remarked in order to insert them in the correct order and as fast as possible.

Speedoku is a modification of sudoku. A connected series of numbers gets diplayed in a random order. One of the numbers is missing. The challenge is to spot and insert the missing number as fast as possible.

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